Monday, September 10, 2012

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Koi Tat

I don't know who this woman is but WOW what a beautiful tattoo!! I love how the scales on the koi are not defined by an outer line...but rather the scales give shape and definition to the koi. Very "Asian" and very lovely. ^_^

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hershey Train station for sale!

So if you haven't guessed...i'm not normal. The hum drum homes don't seem terribly exciting to me. But this is a retired train station in Hershey, PA. Its a little over an hour from where i live. An if it wasn't for work i'm pretty darn sure i would buy...with very little renovations this could be an amazing home. I am gonna put the link up so that you can pop over and check out all the amazing indoor pics. But for a little under $200,000 you can own a piece of history that Mr. Hershey himself used to use for transporting in his imported cocoa beans from various other countries. And to make it even could take a bike ride or a walk and go straight over to Hershey Park...Season passes anyone?


I consider Indiana Jones and myself to be kindred spirits. That was without a doubt me as a child. Oh my poor mother....and the many hospital bills i ensued through my ever harrowing adventures of childhood. ^_^

Mermaid ahoy!

I also kinda like this one. Always thought a mermaid tattoo would look good somewhere on my right leg...but does this image seem familiar to anyone but me? Like the image was taken from a scene in a movie or something? I wish they had worked with richer colors though. Still a lovely piece.

Somethings fishy...

I hunger for a new tattoo. My only problem is that i'm horribly indecisive when it concerns something so permanent. However, i found this tat and can't help but drool a bit. Not sure if its the right one, or close to the style i want, but i'm thinking this would look great as a chest/shoulder piece. Hmm i will keep hunting.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Miriam - Norah Jones

Think what you like, say what you will, psychotic or not..........
........I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!     ^_^

"Maison tournante aérienne"

 "Maison tournante aérienne"  by Albert Robida

Brilliant idea ! I must say i wouldn't mind having a house that rose above the clustered life of the city, but to make it a revolving house is purely genius! I wonder how difficult it would be to replicate this on a full size scale?

This drawing shows a dwelling structure elevated above rooftops and designed to revolve and adjust in various directions. An occupant points to an airship with a fish-shaped bag in the sky lower right. One of the artist's conceptions for his book on life in the upcoming twentieth century. (